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Music Consultancy

This aspect involves many schools, parents, churches that need musicians. We’ll guide them to get the right persons, at this segment, we’ll help teachers to even get schools the can work with. Maybe I should say all round music consultancies.

  • In this section also, there will be an avenue for music teachers to sign up/register as tutor and they will be able to fill their full details and a kind of interview will be conducted via the same form as they complete their registrations.
  • Parents that need a private music teacher can also sign up and tell us about whom they want as a music tutor. This aspect will take the same pattern as Tuteria. So my website will be the middle man between the parents and the music tutor.
  • However, another aspect of this consultancy will be for music school will have to propose to schools that my music school should be in charge of their music as a subject to achieve better results among their student. They will also see all the different packages of my offerings to their school.

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