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Summer vacation is here already! A season of no school activities, no after school, no excessive home works, children have hour upon hours to have fun and do whatever pleases them!

This is the time most kids can’t wait to come, where they’ll enjoy a stress free, fun filled, educational environment embedded in the summer. As students of all ages globally are penning the lists of fun they’ll love to have during summer vacation, its very important parents/guardian allow them to enjoy themselves. Afterall, all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

www.giovannimusicacademy.com summer music lessons

Here are five amazing reasons you should engage your kids in private/online music lessons.

Music is FUN! 

music lessons with fun Anthony having fun in Music Class

Whatever category you may belong to, a veteran musician, beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, music will always give you room for expression. It keeps kids engaged and entertained without leaving behind the focus and objectives of the lessons. You have the opportunity to learn music you might not even come across during the school year. Summer is the time to try out new music from musicals, movies, and also your favorite songs. At www.giovannimusicacdemy.com we use most pop songs children would really love to play to learn music concepts as they enjoy their infanthood. So, this summer is your golden chance to have fun learning the repertoire you’ve always wanted to be a Maestro upon.

Learn New Instrument!  

Summer is the best them to break out of your comfort zone and engage yourself with a new instrument. As we know that summer has a lighter workload, you’ll be amazed by the impressive progress you can make, while learning a new instrument. If your child is with you, step in for them and take some music lessons and also look out for music lessons that offer both private and online. At www.giovannimusicacademy.com we offer lessons on piano, violin, saxophone, guitar, etc. and if you’re willing to add the second instrument, summer is the best time.

Wide your Scope of Participation in Music

Music around the World

As their daily lives become routine, it is easy for kids to remain unaware of the possibilities of participation in music performance at their age level. Sure, they may attend a festival or competition, but those experiences will likely have limited interaction with peers from other schools. A summer music lesson truly allows the students to get to know more about music potentials to help broaden their view of participation in music.

Develops Creativity


Let your creative juices flow with the art of music. Do you like playing creative games in your free hours? Music lessons in summer provide an outlet that allows you to vent out your creativity.

Students can try their luck in writing songs and improvising on familiar tunes. This stress-free environment unleashes the creative instincts of the students to flourish.

Relief from the Summer Heat

Spending a couple of hours under the sunlight is an excellent kickstart to summers. But after a few days’ students need a break from the scorching sun.

Practicing a musical instrument, or catching up on the tunes you were playing last fall will serve as a wonderful indoor activity. Away from the sun, throw a party with an exceptional performance by yourself to showcase the latest tunes you’ve learned.

Sharpens and Sustains Skills

We can’t underestimate the purpose of continuous assessment in measuring the learning skills of every child in school. The testing is done to ensure that that they can assimilate information immediately over what they learned in the course of the week. However, summer is the right time to sharpens and sustains whatever they’ve learned in school.

Explore a New and Unfamiliar Genre.

Focus on specific elements, like ear training or music theory, that don’t necessarily need performance, but can help enhance the learning and musical experience in the long term.

Music Teacher in Less Demand Means Betters Deals on Music Lessons

With my experience as a professional musicologist, I’ve done a pretty good job of outlining why people should take summer music lessons, but the majority of people tend to get enrolled in music lessons after the holidays after receiving instruments as gifts over the holidays. Add in the fact that lots of folks go on long vacations over the summer and you get a situation where the best time of year for learning an instrument becomes the one with the lowest demand for local music teachers.

This means that taking music lessons during the summer will be cheaper than other times during the year and that your options for teachers in your area will be significantly more numerous. Music teachers in your area want nothing more than to teach reliable students that are interested in learning something new, so if that sounds like you, you’ll be in high demand this summer.


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Summer music lessons are the way to go for lots of reasons, but you’ll need to find the right music teacher first. While looking for a music teacher, it’s important to look for a thoughtful, patient, God-fearing person with proven experience to work with. The internet should be your biggest resource, so take some time to research anyone you’re interested in working with. Register with us at www.giovannimusicacademy.com come to engage with the right teachers and the best curriculum for every child.


  • Learn a more difficult pop song in an unfamiliar key signature.
  • Work with a new and/or specialized method or technique book.
  • Choose a composer or songwriter the student admires and learn three of their songs.
  • Write a medley of their favorite songs.


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