A Premier Choice for education especially in times like this when we experience pandemic and social distancing remote learning allows students to access resources and professionals that may have been out of reach for them normally.  Online music lesson empowers young musician to continue their music education by allowing them to connect with their teachers and new resources even if they are not physically available to make it to lesson. However, here’s a great opportunity for both parents/students to get the most of out the remote music lessons.

  •  Set Up A Little Lesson Room/Corner at Home

 it’s important to designate a dedicated workplace for your students though it may be challenging to do lesson from a main area in the house, distractions are sure to happen.  Give your student the best chance for Success by setting up a lesson room for them in a quiet serene area, shut the door and make sure all the family members are restricted during lesson.

Make it fun and get your student involved by having them set up the room.

They can find a perfect spot with good lighting and even decorate it to make it unique to them.

  • Use the Right Device

As student will be communicating with their teachers through technology, it’s important to use the right device. A laptop, desktop or tablet works best since these have the biggest screens. if the instructor is showing them music bars and hand placement a larger-screen will make it easier for the students to see what’s going on.  if none of these are available however that’s okay! just make sure your student can clearly see the teacher on whichever screen they are using.

internet connection is also extremely important for online lessons as it’s the major tool for any live music lesson but bad internet connection can make the image green distort the video of freezing all together.  Ensure that your student lesson room is near the router if your home Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong.  for even better connection use a physical cable to connect your device directly to the router. https://giovannimusicacademy.com/product/alto-saxophone/

  • Practice Throughout the Week

As they say, practice makes perfect!

Remember that progression takes place between lessons. Students are expected to practice and reinforce what they learn in previous class.  Take time out of the lesson to draw out a lesson plan and set out goals for each week. Students should have clear goals for what they should be practicing and for how long. https://giovannimusicacademy.com/2021/02/05/8-new-years-resolution-for-all-musicians/

With social distancing becoming the norm, students have even more time to practice their instrument and can progress even more quickly.

  • Set Goals

setting goals will already be something your student is familiar with, especially if they have been taking lessons for a while.  some of these goals may change with online lessons (like performing in a recital or an at an audition) So it’s important to sit down with your student to re-evaluate their goals or create new ones if necessary.

Goal setting keeps students dedicated and enthusiastic during these challenging times, so it’s important for goals to be SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, And Time-Bound.  make sure to create both short- and long-term goals

set achievable goal
  • Show Off Your Achievement

First, show work. Showing off what they have been working on can be a fun and exciting way to keep their passion for music alive.  Even with social distancing in place, it’s possible for your student to show off their achievements.

show off your talents

One fun way is to have your student put on a recital at home. these can be plan or impromptu.  your student can make ticket to pass out to family member, agree old, and even announce your student as they take the stage.

This can also be a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family outside the home. Invite grandma and grandpa to join in over video call.  This can serve as great motivation for young musicians.

  • Approach Online Lessons with The Right Attitude

This may seem clear, but during these challenging times it can be easy to forget.  Having the right attitude will certainly take online lesson from a past time to an enriching moment. Music is meant to be fun, healing and satisfying. At times, progress can be baby steps and others it can comes leaps and bounds.  The important thing is to remember to have fun and stay positive

right attitude to online music lessons

if your student is struggling or having a hard day, ask and your teacher to work on something fun and simple for the lessons.  Just having the feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s a basic piece of music, will do wonders for a young musician. 

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