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7 Simple Steps to Connect to Giovanni Music Academy Live Class.

As part of our effort to reduce the stress of logging in for music classes, we have come up with the most convenient way to join classes virtually. Please take your time to follow these simple steps to get connected.

Step 1: Log on to www.giovannimusicacademy.com

Step 2: Register as a Student/User

Step 3: Click on Education on Homepage

Step 4: Click on Music Lessons

Step 5: Join Zoom Class

Step 6: : Input your password

The password is simply GMA2021

Step 7: Start your Lessons.

Our music professionals are waiting to have you any time, as far as you have a scheduled session with your instructor. Remember we are efficient, fun, educative and ready to ignite the musicianship in you and bring you to the stardom.

Thanks for choosing www.giovannimusicacademy.com as your favorite music academy.


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